BBNANO v1.2 - the First Balance Update

Balance Update poster


This update has been published to address concerns with the gameplay escalation and loop, as well as some bugfixes to improve ~~stability and user experience~~ the good-feel of the game and have difficulties feel like they’re their actual difficulties.

The first update within this update is an overhaul to how Paddle Transmission (paddle speed maximum) works. I think a video speaks more for itself, so here’s it:

The paddle may feel a little off as a result of this change, so if the precision is severely affected, let me know and I will take it into consideration.

The second update is to Multiball.

Multiball has a slim chance of spawning balls at angles that are extremely upright or extremely horizontal, and that may cause you to get softlocked. As such, a check has been added to prevent hard-right-angles from being used, and instead knock them to the closest non-infringing angle. In this diagram the angles that are avoided are highlighted in red.

While we’re at it, the ball’s collider has changed slightly to address an issue with corner-hits and possible mis-collisions. Hopefully this change addresses that. If not, I’ll be looking more into it.

The third update is in regards to the Ball Respawn Punishment (or BRP as I’ll call it now).

The BRP is a small timer that runs starting from when the ball is lost (life lost) until it’s available to be used (launched). In this time period, the only ball-related powerups that will work are Speed-changing powerups (since those don’t affect the ball “directly”, but rather an element of play).

To address any confusion, such as Multiball or Unstoppable sometimes not working, the paddle will now be slightly less opaque when this period is on.

Speaking of the ball, speed specifically, the speed adjustment is now more dynamic and adjusts to how fast your ball is. Previously in all difficulties, the ball would change by static numbers. Now, each difficulty can change it in a particular way, and to illustrate an example here’s the values you’d get from the Mellow (basic) difficulty:

Notice how the speed-up powerup value does not change. This is intentional, and some difficulties may opt to become “bilateral” so the speed-up is affected in a similar way to the speed-down the lower the speed is.

Speaking of difficulties, there is now a slow-speed capped difficulty called Sleepy. You can see it in the main play menu.

Speaking of sleepy things, here’s some more miscellaneous, boring changes:

  • Pico-0’s ADV color has been changed to blue to celebrate nick666101’s 1.7m point record in that stage
  • Speed margins for every difficulty were adjusted a bit after feedback
  • Fixed some highscoring bugs and settled on scoring points.
  • Counters should be more reliable when values are changing often (Score is still the same).
  • Pico-0’s brick sets have been rearranged a bit to prevent collisions.
  • The difficulty you play is now visible in both the results screen and the Pause menu.


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