Modern high-octane brick-breaking action with a focus on speed and clear efficiency and a clean vector-inspired aesthetic. Wrangle the paddle and aim for the highest score!

Ever thought how it'd be if Pac-Man CE and Breakout/Arkanoid had a crossover? This is what it would look like. All fun.

Section Where I Put Cool People That Have Donated Big For This Game's And My Wellbeing

❤ Tessaract2 (Cublex) - lovely $10
❤ Notester82 (Note) - lovely $15
❤ Ben Allen - lovely $10
<make sure to let me know if you want to be listed!
use Twitter or email me at glitchy (at) glitchypsi.xyz to send proof or
to request removal!>


That means that the game is in a "basically-demo" stage. Functional, but limited in content, and yes there are lots of things planned. I may actually reveal which things in the future as things progress and people get interested.

The NANO, NANO+ and LITE stages of the game's development represent a milestone that requires me to develop up to and see how people react to it. If enough happy faces and money is raised for the NANO stage, LITE will follow with even more content.
Just the same way, if LITE also has good reception and raises enough funds, DX will follow on Steam.

To me, being in Nano stage does not mean I can't start going hard on the visual presentation of everything.
Nano+ means you can have online stages now.

Some useful information for you:

What do you control the game with?Mouse only and ONE key (Nano)
Mouse and Keyboard, maybe controller (Lite)

MOUSE: M1 to use Active Powerup (right now only Railgun), M2 to release balls and use Alt Powerup (right now only Magnet)
the ONE key: ESC (Pause the game)
What does each powerup do?consider checking the powerup help button in the game because that's a lot of info. no tutorial yet
Music credits?Please see the information for each track in the stage selection screen.
What happened with Circuit and Sprint modes?Renamed. They're now Finite and Continuum.
What do I do if I find something that seems like a bug?Good! The first thing you should do is smile because you are about to help me improve the game!
The next thing you should do is fill this form or go meet me and talk about it in my general Discord server

If you don't do the second thing please respectfully lower your smile.
I have a suggestion!refer to the above

though i may be more (hopefully understandably) defensive because i have some design decisions
Favorite fruit?🍊

Wonder what's in store if we reach the next development milestone (Lite)? Here's a helpful bullet list (making use of all the formatting buttons by now.)

  • Explosive Objects
    • While we're at it, new powerup: Bomb Ball
    • WHILE WE'RE AT IT, Powerup Blender (different outcome of powerups that use different keys)
  • More objects (teleporters, rails)
  • BOSSES !?!?!?!?!?!? Very Likely
  • Classic mode.
    • Yes really, the original classic mode where you just have to break everything, no sprint, just big ol classic
  • wait how are you supposed to use the abov-LEVEL EDITOR FOR CONTRIBUTORS (called Trowel)
    • Trowel already exists and it is the tool I use to make the levels beginning in Nano.  After a while I plan to make it fully public, but it also needs to reach its own "Lite" if you catch my brick
  • Online Highscores (powered by PxHighscores (mine) and GLITCHYPSI Luna (mine))
  • i'm thinking of adding lettered ranks what do you think

    Also a tribute to the late Digital Chocolate's Brick Breaker Revolution™. May their revolutionary game mode live on.
Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Inkscape
TagsArcade, arkanoid, Black and White, Breakout, brick-breaker, Fast-Paced, Indie, Score Attack, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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this is really good! love how you can try to go for speed or completion, it's a very smart design. i want more

thank you! yes, there will definitely be more in the future


Holy heccccccck, this game's really cool! :D I stumbled into Brick Breaker Revolution (2) a couple years ago while looking at old J2ME games on YouTube and went "woh, this looks neat, wish I could play something like this", and BrickBreaker Sprint is exactly that! I love the futuristic UI (and how it replicates Brick Breaker Revolution's style but also stands nicely on its own), and all the music tracks are great! As for the gameplay, I love the score attack nature and mechanics (clearing waves Pac-Man CE-style and even earning a lil extra points for clearing certain groups of bricks)! It's also interesting to experience my desire for Ball Speed Up and Ball Speed Down pickups flipflopping once the game gets fast enough, and then I'm balancing trying to keep the ball slow enough to not lose control, but fast enough to get to clearing waves quicker, heh!

Looking forward to seeing more for this game in the future if it gains enough traction!


Very polished! I like how a lot of the powerups also slightly makes the game a bit more challenging.